Option for online lessons

During the lock-down period in Melbourne I am offering online lessons. It is very successful for some people. To try out this option please call or email me on 0409557720 or jennythirtle@gmail.com

Does the Alexander Technique work for everyone?

The Alexander Technique works for people who are motivated and willing to change their habits.  It is not a treatment where the student can remain passive and be cured by the practitioner. .

What sort of pain is the Alexander Technique good for?

There is enough high quality scientific information about the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique to recommend its use for people suffering from chronic back pain, posture and movement problems. .

What  do you mean when you say the Alexander Technique can “improve performance”?

At the broadest,  the Alexander Technique can improve our performance of daily tasks through increasing the ease of our movement.  For performers including musicians, actors and sports people, it is effective in facilitating higher level functioning with greater ease. It is also highly effective in reducing stage fright. .

How long does a lesson last?

A face to face lesson lasts for 45 minutes.     .

Can I get a rebate from Medicare or my private health fund?

Unfortunately not currently.  The government will be reviewing the rebates in future.

How many lessons will I need?

There is no set number of lessons.  A minimum of ten to twelve lessons is recommended.  Most people start by having weekly lessons for a few months.  After that some people feel they have learnt enough, whilst others wish to continue with either weekly of fortnightly lessons. .

What happens in the first lesson?

There are two goals in the first lesson:

  1. To discuss why you have come to the Alexander Technique and to help assess whether the Alexander Technique is for you.
  2. To give you an experience of the Alexander Technique and how it can work for you