“Before seeing Jenny, I had almost one year of lower back pain, to the point where it prevented me from working and affected my daily acts of living, like putting on my socks. I had seen doctors, physio’s, chiro’s, osteo’s & tried Pilates, yoga, swimming & hydro.

When I first went to see Jenny I had given up hope of having a full recovery. Rather, I was expecting to just get a bit more pain relief through her techniques. After 2 weeks of seeing Jenny, I was 60% better. It was so motivating. I continued to see Jenny on a weekly basis for several more months and I have had a complete recovery. As a massage therapist, my work is very physically taxing and yet I no longer have any pain. The skills I learned from Jenny will be with me for life.”

Melanie Rozen – Massage therapist

“I am a singer/songwriter who has been applying the Alexander Technique to performing my original works for the past three years.  I originally trained as an opera singer but drifted away from performing after feeling frustrated with inconsistencies in my vocal production.  Working with Jenny over the past three years has completely transformed my approach to singing and performing.  Jenny is a kind and supportive teacher who has helped me to successfully improve the technical inconsistencies in my singing voice and to enhance my live performances. I have developed deeper self-knowledge, greater self-confidence, and an ability to be more present in performance and connected to audiences.

As a singer herself, Jenny is able to empathise with the challenges of bringing a voice back to life; of unlearning old habits and slowly developing new ones.  Her patience and genuine belief in the method has inspired me to the point that I am now enrolled as a PhD student in Theatre Performance and have placed the Alexander Technique at the centre of my inquiry.

Jenny’s experience as an Alexander teacher has depth and breadth. Her approach to teaching has helped me to understand how the human organism needs to organise itself in order to function at its optimal level of performance.  I highly recommend Jenny as an Alexander Technique teacher not only to singers and musicians but to anyone who has a desire to achieve their goals through improved mind/body functioning.”

Angela Clarke – Singer/Songwriter & PhD Candidate

“When I came to see Jenny, she was my last hope. At the time, if I was up-right for more than three minutes I had severe and debilitating pain in my right shoulder.  My only relief was to lie down.

Consequently I drove to work, 45 minutes away, with my chair tilted right back and my hands just reaching the steering wheel. It was so painful that I found difficulty in walking, shopping or even cooking.  I always had to lie down.

I had been to three different physiotherapists with no improvement. Then to my G.P who gave me some pills that did not help.  Then I went to another G.P. in the same surgery, stronger pills, no help.  Next was a MRI.   This showed nothing  ‘sinister’. Next was a neurologist who also could not find anything wrong. Then an other type of neurologist, who stuck pins in my back.  Again nothing.

Next was the rheumatologist who sent me for a nuclear scan which showed nothing.  He said the pain was coming from a nerve in my neck, right into my shoulder.  So then he put me onto Mobic as well as Pariet to make sure I did not get stomach ulcers. Finally, I had pain relief.  After three or four months I tried to halve my strong dose, but the pain came back.  He had said if the Mobic did not help, he would ‘fry the nerve”.

Then I was recommended to Jenny. Unfortunately I did not know much about the Alexander Technique, and took my time making the call. When I came to Jenny I was sceptical.

She immediately saw the problem and began treatment.

After three months, I was cured of my debilitating pain. No more Mobic, pins, X-rays, MRI’S, nuclear scans. I became normal. I had my life back. My gratitude is to Jenny.  I am forever indebted to her wonderful work.

Thank you.”

 Julie Kessel

“The Alexander Technique has given me tools to work as a singer and performer hours at a time, 3-5 nights a week, being able to identify and overcome with more ease if I am tensing up in different parts of my body. The Alexander Technique has also has simply made me a happier person. Having the opportunity to reflect and notice your own body and habits is humbling and gratifying and definitely positively affects your state of mind and mood.

Before I knew anything about the Alexander Technique, I would sing at my gigs for a 2-3 hours and leave with a sore, hoarse voice, sometimes leading me to become sick, totally worn-out or unable to speak. I had absolutely no idea of what created the problem with my vocal stamina, why it was happening, or what I was doing wrong. Looking for help and answers I was often greeted with complete ambiguity and somewhat useless or generic advice on how to improve the situation.

It was only after being introduced to the Alexander Technique did I really find the answers I was looking for. Having lessons with Jenny helped make me understand how your whole body is connected and if one part is tense, even if it seems irrelevant it will undoubtedly effect another part of your body. I learnt how perception and reality were often opposing (bad habits feel “correct” because you’re used to it), and how to overcome my physical habits that were creating issues for me. I got specific answers about vocal anatomy which expanded my understanding of singing technique and vocal health. And most importantly, the Alexander Technique is about awareness – this kind of skill is useful not just as a performer, but as a human being.”

Judith Perl – Singer

“When I first started to see Jenny Thirtle for Alexander Technique lessons  I was in pain all the time. It was interrupting my sleep, and most of the things I had to do during the day, including work. I had tried what seemed like every other therapy available, so was a little sceptical at first that this would work.

After the first session, I had an immediate lessening of pain and after about 6 weeks I was having long periods each day where I was virtually pain-free. My pain levels have continued to improve to the point where pain is now rare.

The Alexander Technique has also changed my thinking where pain is concerned. I no longer panic when I get pain, but just try to work out how I can help myself and nine times out of ten I succeed. As a result, my general anxiety levels have also improved.

Jenny is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She is a great teacher who has changed my life!”

 Jayne McKernan – Home Duties